Core range of outer packaging. Protective cream or mist for daily protection and a Night cream or spray to hydrate and replenish the skin. 
Details of the packaging. The horizontal line reflects the idea of the horizon line seen in space. The colour adds personality to the individual products, and allows the rest of the packaging to be consistent.
The caps and sphere are made from flecked plastic with highlights of silver fleck, to add another element of luxury to the product and hinting to the night sky and surface texture of Eris
I also created a website for users to explore the science behind the product more and to learn more about the effects of skin damage.
The website colour changes depending on the time of day when you're on the site. There is a clock on the top right that once clicked gives more information
Product range display and details
Once you've clicked on the clock you are brought to a sliding device that lets you go through hours in the day and see information on the sun, what factor you should be wearing and what damage the sun is having on your skin. It also recommends an Eris product for that time of day.
Example of how a description page would look. In this case details about Eris and how the product originated and how it would look on Ipad
Another example of how a description page would look. In this case details about NASA and the technology used to create the protective gel. 
This was a brief I was set whilst working at Echo Brand design.
The brief - 
"Create a range of products that will bring space science to consumers, NASA are looking to develop a new daily-use sun care brand, to sit alongside skincare products rather than in the holiday aisle. Whilst the NASA name and logo may be used as a supportive element on-pack, you should develop a new identity that will define NASA’s sun protection range."
I created the name and logo mark based on Eris being the furthest planet in our solar system from the sun, the cresent shape is built up from a cross section of the orbital paths from Eris to Earth. This is based on the idea of Eris being far away from the sun, therefore the skin care range will keep the sun away from damaging your skin. 
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